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Back to school

Wahoooooo, September is here, which can mean only one thing…….. back to school, but not for the reasons you might think!

There are three reasons I love early September……

  1. Routine. I do love the routine of term time, whilst I have been a student myself the past two years it has meant that the holidays have been extended to me too.  Lucky me some might say.  A few years ago I would have agreed with you.  However, it is not all it has cracked up to be.  I have ideas for projects coming out of my ears, but with limited funds I am frustratingly not able to do the majority of them.  I also seem to have lost my mojo.  There is plenty of research I could be doing in preparation for my dissertation, but I feel mentally exhausted.  I have dabbled slightly at the local records office, and half heartedly read a few chapters of relevant secondary sources, but I have failed to achieve half of what I wanted to.  The challenge now is to accept that I needed a break and not beat myself up about what I could have done.
  2. Excited children.  This one never lasts very long!  My children are often excited to get back to school. Eager to learn and raring to go. More like eager to catch up with all the holiday stories from their friends.  As they grow older and are allowed access to social media, this excitement is fading, which is a shame.  They are also less agreeable to the obligatory back to school photo.  I NEED these photos to be able to embarrass them in later life, okay maybe I don’t, there are other ways kids, be afraid, be very afraid mwahahahahahahaha.
  3. Stationery. Okay this is the biggy and the main reason why I LOOOOOVE September. For some it is shoes, others bags, or even make up, for me and my girls it is STATIONERY, eeeeeek.   Yes, we do get a little bit over excited about it. Do we care…..hell no!  We have three days left before the start of school, and we haven’t, for financial reasons, been shopping yet.  However, we have created, you’ve guessed it, lists……lots and lots of lists.  We have drooled over the stationery tabs on various websites, pressed our noses against the stationery shop windows, read blogs on the best pens and notebooks, and created boards on Pinterest in readiness.  I tend to use my laptop more these days rather than take notes in lectures and seminars, however, I do make a lot of notes on my daily readings.  I also like to have my lecture notes, and seminar notes, typed, printed and organised.  I plan to create a future blog entry on my filing system for these, so keep your eyes peeled.  My eldest daughter will be taking her GCSE’s this year, so she will require supplies for her revision.  We have stumbled across a few new websites this year which look like they have some really cute stationery.

So those are my three reasons for loving September.  The girls and I are excitedly counting down the days until our ‘big shop’.  You may be thinking that it sounds like we spend a lot of money on stationery supplies.  We don’t.  All the prep beforehand, which is tedious for some, exciting for others (like us), ensures that we get cute and functional stationery at bargain prices.  Cheap doesn’t have to be boring.  In my next blog I will take you through some of the websites and shops where we grabbed our bargains.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my first post.

Thanks for reading.

Mummy Nicki x